Darkest Knight (2003) Review

© 2002 Palana Productions/Dark Knight Productions

Nightmare creatures and flesh-eating dragons roam the kingdom of the wicked Prince John, destroying all those who cross their path. Tyranny and oppression rule, and ancient evil reigns over the helpless people of the towns and villages. Only the glint of fire on the sword of the Chosen One can overthrow the deadly ruler and restore the throne to its rightful owner.



© 2002 Palana Productions/Dark Knight Productions

Imagine a show like Xena or Buffy. Now take a season or arc of that show and imagine it reduced to a 90-minute movie. That is Darkest Knight in a nutshell. I was not ready. If you watch it, go into it knowing that it was originally a television show and it will be much easier to stomach, opening theme song and all. I’m not saying it’s terrible, but all the downsides of television are easy to see when it’s pretending to be a movie. The rubbery CGI, the mediocre and melodramatic acting, it’s all there but without the help of a full season to flesh out the characters. All that said, this is not the worst movie I have watched. The characters have good chemistry if you are okay with the acting and the story is effective considering its production. The plot is straightforward and there isn’t anything new if you’ve ever watched or read any fantasy in the past, yet it has a charm to it that not all movies have, and I enjoyed watching it. In a world with so much entertainment it might be harmful to say something is passable, but good fantasy movies are such a rare breed that Darkest Knight might fill that space for some of you.



Runtime: 91 minutes
Director: (Created by) Terry Marcel
Starring: Ben Pullen, Charlotte Comer, Peter O’Farrell
MPAA Rating: PG-13

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