Mythica: The Necromancer (2015) Review

Runtime: 95 Minutes
Director: A. Todd Smith
Starring: Melanie Stone, Kevin Sorbo, Adam Johnson
MPAA Rating: Not Rated
Final Score: 8/10

When her most loyal friend is taken hostage by Peregus Malister, the cruel master of the Thieves Guild, Marek must embark on a corrupt mission to serve the Thieves Guild with her team of would-be heroes. But when the mission leads them into the clutches of Szorlok – their greatest enemy – Marek must sacrifice her ambitions, and perhaps her own soul, to stop Szorlok from obtaining the Darkspore and to save her friends.



Mythica: The Necromancer is a by the book fantasy movie. It doesn’t experiment with any concepts and barely keeps from being too cliché. Serious drama is mixed with fun characters to really capture all that fantasy has to offer. A simple plot is used to guide us through the world with the characters, but there is also an overarching story, one that is also touched upon in the first two movies, that is revealed throughout. The dialogue follows the tone; it’s not too serious but also stays away from being becoming childish. If you just want an easy to watch fantasy movie, this is for you.
Score: 2/2

Since D&D first arrived, fantasy has been stuck with the same few typical heroes, and Mythica: The Necromancer is no exception. The characters started off as the usual classes: the wizard, the fighter, the rogue, and the cleric, but throughout the first two movies they grew and changed. And they grow some more in this movie. Faith is lost and ideas of the future shift. With that said, the villains are still the same evil that roams the land. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as it lets us focus on the main characters. Which will also lead to romance. The romance is not terrible, events of the movie change the relationships and they grow or falter as a result. But they also drag on at points and could turn people off who don’t like as much drama.
Score: 1.5/2

The action in Mythica: The Necromancer is adequate. It does what it needs to do and doesn’t completely ruin the movie. With that said, it could be better. A combination of okay choreography, limited combatants, and editing leaves you underwhelmed with most scenes. The main villain has begun his invasion, but the action scenes remove any sense of danger from it. All of this doesn’t take away from the rest of the film, but it doesn’t add anything.
Score: 1/2

Special Effects
When multiple characters are magic users, you hope that magic will be used often in that movie. This is true here as magic is not shied away from at all. The effects are colorful and not subtle. It doesn’t always work, and sometimes the effects are just terrible, but most of the special effects look great. The same goes for the cosmetic effects too. This installment of the Mythica series does not contain a large mythical beast, so most of the effects are kept simple. Most of the characters are human, but the non-human characters look good and don’t stand out.
Score: 1.5/2

Set/Costume Design
There is not a lot to talk about for the set and costume design because of how well it’s done. It doesn’t stand out and just blends into the background. Most of the movie takes place in the wilderness and the locations that are used feel wild and rife with adventure. The few sets that are shown are detailed and look great. Each character is also given the same treatment. Designs for the costumes are simple fantasy fare and does stray into the cliché; the cleric and wizards have robes, the rogue has leather, and the fighter is in chain mail, but they don’t go overboard to the point where they are gaudy or impractical.
Score: 2/2

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